The Key To Preventing Mould

The Key To Preventing Mould

We've had a cold and wet winter here in New Zealand and many homes have felt the effects. If your home has seen some mould growth over the last few months, read on to learn how this can be treated and prevented.

Your Bathroom

Steam from your shower or bath can easily lead to mould growth. The best way to stop this is to open windows, and also to wipe down wet surfaces after you've used them. Try keeping extra towels in the bathroom and encourage the whole family to wipe surfaces down after bathing.

Your Laundry

The laundry is often a damp area in the home and can be an area prone to mould growth. Try not to leave damp clothes or towels in the washing hamper or the machine - if they can't be washed immediately, try airing them outside so they dry off before you throw them in the hamper.

Hanging freshly washed clothes inside is tempting during wet weather, but this will also dampen the air so if you must dry clothes inside, try opening the windows or turning a dehumidifier on in the room.


Keep lids on pots when cooking and let steam out by opening a window. You should also use an extractor fan if you have one


Keeping your house dry is one of the most important ways to prevent mould. Install a hygrometer in your home, as this will measure the moisture levels inside. Ideally, you want to keep the humidity level in your house below 60 percent to prevent mould.

Cleaning and removing mould

You can clean mould with a mould remover product, such as 30 Seconds Mould Off. More info on how to get the most out of this product can be seen in this video:

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