DIY Lighting - The Easy Way to Transform Your Garden

DIY Lighting - The Easy Way to Transform Your Garden

We LOVE rope light and fairy lights outdoors, and with spring in full fling, it’s a great time to start setting up your garden or patio with some SPARKLE for the coming summer.

Rope lighting and outdoor string lights are great because they’re weather-resistant, low in energy usage and SUPER easy to install - head to your local hardware store and choose some, you’ll have them up and running in a day.

The general advice is to keep it simple and stick with one colour and a few focal points. Having said that… We don’t think there can ever be too many lights!

Here are some ideas to get you inspired…

Simple Lines

Fix rope lighting to your garden edging or to highlight a walkway…

Inspo from

Inspo from

Focal Points

Create a focal point, such as a tree or your dining area…


Next-level pool lighting

Summer’s coming.. I you’ve got a pool you MUST try this…


Keep It Clean

If you want that sparkle to last over summer, 30 Seconds Spray & Walk Away will help you to keep the area looking clean and beautiful.

We’d LOVE to see your transformations, head to to share them with us!!!

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